Avoid Boring Cow Print Products


Cows are lovely creatures and anyone loving them should proudly wear their print. Sadly the popularity of cow-print has attracted a lot of "designers" that's hasn't seen a cow even on a postcard. I mean, how can a cow-lover produce something like this?  Bildresultat för cow print shirt"
Bildresultat för cow print shirt" Or this? Not only is the cow-print hideous, but the attention to detail is way off. Look at the amount of print being cut off in the seams.


Thankfully theirs a new brand in town. A brand where every design is done by cow lovers and previous farmworkers. People who understand cows and, most importantly, know what they look like. 

At Designs For Farmers, you will only find high-quality products designed in-house and everything is handmade after you order it so it gets tailored for you and your needs.

And we also understand that Holstein is not the only cow breed out there. We also feature products for Jersey, American Shorthorn and Angus. If there is something missing, please let us know and we will produce a design for it ASAP. Actually, most of our products come directly from customers' wishes.

Just check out some of our most popular products below.


cow print snug hoodie  cow print phone wallet case
a bed in a room american shorthorn phone wallet case


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