Complete Professional Photo Gear For Under $1000

Complete Professional Photo Gear For Under $1000

When you first start out photographing it's easy to fall in the trap of buying a cheap DSLR-kit like This. Don't get me wrong, that's a great kit if you want to photograph for your own album and want something with better image quality than a iPhone. But if you have the ambition to get into more advanced photography, the day will come where you will have a lot of stuff to unload, and the stuff in that kit really don't have any resale value.


That doesn't mean that you have to empty your bank account to buy stuff for tens of thousands of dollars just to have a gear that you can grow with. There is a budget way to get started with all the stuff you will need for under $1000. I will include a Amazon affiliate link to some of the products I have chosen, so if you want to support a small business, please use the link if you are going to buy the product. It won't make the price higher for you but will give me a small commission.


Camera Body


I would recommend starting out with a full frame camera right away. Full frame means that the digital sensor is the same size as a film negative, which means that a broader selection of lenses will be optimized for the camera body. A bigger sensor also gives lower noise in the image.


My choice is Canon 6D. It's a great camera that will give you everything you need for a long time to come. Many of my friends that work as professional photographers use this as their backup to their $10.000 camera. You can get a used 6D for $500 on eBay. It's a well-built camera that will be with you for many years. If you don't want to take a chance on a used camera body, you can get it new for $1000 or buy the newer 6D markII for $1500. The 6D is perfect for landscape and portrait photography, anything still really. It's not the fastest camera so you maybe don't want to shoot sport with it. That's the main difference between the 6D and the much more expensive 5D.


Here you can see a nice review of the Canon 6D




As a starter lens you want a wide angle standard zoom. I have chosen a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 for this starter kit. You usually get about the same lens in the standard kits, but much worse ones. This lens has a low aperture (f/-number) which means that it lets in more light than regular lenses. Because of that you can make a subject stand out and take pictures with fast shutter speed.


As a second lens I have chosen a very cheap yet very good lens. It's called the Nifty Fifty, but it's product name is Canon 50mm f/1.8. As you can see, it has an even lower aperture which makes it the perfect portrait lens. Because it has no zoom, it's meant for a bit more experienced photographers, but it's cheap and nice to have as a training lens to get more experience.




As the 6D doesn't have a popup flash (which is crap anyway), you most likely are going to need an external flash. A really good one is Canon 430EX. You can get a used one from eBay for $100 or if you fancy a new one, you can get it from Amazon for $249.


This concludes the $1000 kit, but you might want some accessories as well.




Memory Card

 The 6D uses a SD-Card, and this is a really good one.




You don't want to see that empty battery light flash when you have that perfect shot in front of you. But don't buy any cheap 3rd party batteries. You get much more out of the original. Here you have a great deal for the original. 




If you are going to get into long exposures, you are going to need a good tripod. Don't buy the cheap ones, the camera shake will be visible. This is a good deal for a great tripod.


Zoom Lens


This is the lens I use myself. Reviewers say, it's even better than Canons own lens. You get f/2.8 through the whole zoom plus active stabilizer.


Check out Digital Rev TVs review of this fabulous lens

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