How this store got started

This is the true story behind this store.

I have had an interest in photo editing ever since I first got in contact with Photoshop in the mid-'90s. The problem I had was that I didn't have anything to edit. The internet wasn't really there as we know it today and I soon got tired of scanning photos of the school's scanner.

Luckily my friend's dad had a digital camera so I could get some of their photos. The quality was still crap but at least it was something. After a couple of years, I could finally afford a digital camera of my own. In 2000 I got an Olympus UZ-2100 with 2.1 Mpixel. The quality was actually great and ever since then, I have been arguing with people that say their camera is better than someone else's because of the resolution.

The time has gone by and several camera models have gone through my camera bag. I have taken about 50.000 photos according to my Lightroom catalogs, but I haven't really done anything with them.

This summer I got a visit from a friend that works as a photographer and sells a lot of photos. When she saw my photos she immediately said: "YOU HAVE TO SELL YOUR PHOTOS!". So here we are, I am going into business with my photos.

While I was setting up my shop I thought of a couple of ideas of non-photo prints that I would like to wear so I got them into products as well.

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