Why I love Cows

Why I love Cows

Cows are simply awesome. I moved into the love for cows with no reason because love doesn’t come with a reason and cows do not want any inconsiderate recognition. There are several things about cows which I discovered only after getting closer to them; that I would like to bring into the light for any reader, whether a cow lover or not. And here they are:


  1. We all know cows are emotional, calm and compassionate. Their motherly figure is almost certainly a part of her known to everyone. But, did you know that they are intelligent beings? Yes, Cows are very smart and science supports it. They can associate experiences with current situations. They have a bright memory and can store a lot from the past. They just don’t make the moo, but they make the smart moves too.
  2. A cow is chic and with her mood swings, I remember myself doing similar. She displays her happiness and even her sadness. Just as I do, she loves to stay aloof from anything and everything that makes her sad and deepened.
  3. Bovine Friends Forever (BFF) form strong bonds and call for being Best Friends Forever (BFF). They make their preferences; they make their choices. The smart ladies can justify and choose their preferred friends.
  4. When cows move in herds, they have a leader. “I am the Boss” moves the first and all other moo and follows her.

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