Why is cow print the hottest trend right now

Why is cow print the hottest trend right now

Animal print has been popular for a long while and cow print has been one of the most popular animal prints. But something has happened lately. 

One of the most frequent ways to measure a trend is to look at Google Search Trends. Below you see a live view from Google Trends the last 5 years for the search term Cow Print.

As you can see, the Cow Print niche has exploded during the last couple of months. Whatever other fashion search terms you use, none of them show the same rise.

Cow print bathing suit

There are lots of different breeds of cows, and obviously as many different kinds of cow prints. At Designs For Farmers, we have a poll going to find out the most popular cow breed. You can participate in the poll here. The chart below shows the standing as of April 22, 2020.

 The most popular cow breeds

As you can see, Holstein Friesian is the most popular cow breed followed by Jersey, Hereford, and American Shorthorn. The result is no surprise as the Holstein pattern is almost synonymous with cow print. What fashion brands have to react to is the popularity of Jersey and Hereford, where there are fewer products to buy. At Designs For Farmers, we try to have all of the most popular breeds represented even though we sell far more of Holstein print products than anything else. Find out more about the different cow breeds at Bovine Bazaar.

Jersey Cow Blanket

The reason why Holstein is the most popular pattern of all the cow prints is most likely due to that the pattern is easy to identify, as Angus is all black and Jersey has a very subtle pattern and takes much more design work to stand out in the same way.



The popularity of cow print is mostly boosted because of Instagram where celebrities proudly share their newly bought cow print shirt, skirt, or bathing suit. Cow print nail art has also been popular for a long time and contributed to the overall trend blowing up. 

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