Why should I buy from you when I can get cheaper shirts elsewhere?

Many of the low price brands print huge volumes on a low-quality garment and then up prices the shipping to make even more profit. We print on high-quality shirts and have very reasonable shipping charges to make a good product as affordable as possible. We also only use exclusive designs so the chance of you meeting someone else with the same shirt is very small.

Why does the shirt smell funny when I unpack it?

This is a very common question. The smell comes from the printing and will disappear after the first wash.

Who designs Designs For Farmers gear?

Most of our designs are designed in-house, but a few are designed by external designers. So, with a 99% certenty, you won't find our designs anywhere else.

The shipping status doesn't update. When will my package arrive?

Due to someΒ  of our products are produced overseas, some meassures must be done to avoid your item getting stuck in customs due to President Trumps strict import regulations. One of them is to print the label in USA before it actually arrives there. The delivery status will then update once the item landed in USA.