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Cow Lover Car Seat Cover

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$59.99 USD
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$79.99 USD
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$59.99 USD

Practical and adorable for cow lovers everywhere.

We all love our cows and this set of car seat covers will remind you, no matter where you go. What better way to turn your car seat into a cow-worthy space than with these adorable cow seat covers? The design is charming and functional for families to enjoy. Throw in the sunflowers, happy cows, and an inspiring cow lover text under your but just because they're in season!

It's also certain that you'll be delighting all your passengers when they see these cozy seats. Plus, don't forget about giving them some appropriate tunes from National Geographic music library as you head off on faraway adventures together.
Personalize their everyday drive with a touch of personality: jazz up their cars -- not just with gas!
  • Made of polyester.
  • Product Size is 130*53cm.
  • The product includes a pair of seat covers