CL cow print acrylic nails

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These gorgeous cow print acrylic nails are sure to make you stand out.


 Nail Length: 20-26mm (min-max)

Quantity: 24pcs/set

Nail Width: 9.5-18mm (min-max)

Material: Acrylic

Size: Coffin

Includes Nails*24pcs(12pcs cow print+12pcs solid color)

What type of nail glue shall I use?

Nail glue is not included due to postal restrictions. Nail glue can be purchased at many drugstores, We also sell nail adhesive tabs in our store. (This linked product does not contain adhesive tabs)

Are your nails are reusable?

If you can treat your nails carefully, and use nail adhesive tabs,It can reuse

How long your nails last?

Depends on what kind of adhesive method you use but usually nail adhesive tabs last 1-3days and nail glue lasts 1-2 weeks. (Wear time is various depends on the amount of your contacts to water)

How to remove nails?

The best way to remove the glued nails is to soak it in warm water for good 10-15 mins, then use the wooden pointy stick to lift the edges and wiggle it around to take it off.

How to Use:


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