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  • a girl wearing a pair of women's pajamas sitting on a bed while holding a glass container
  • a girl wearing a pair of cow print women's pajamas
  • a girl wearing a pair of cow print women's pajamas
  • a girl wearing a pair of cow print women's pajamas covering her face with a magazine
  • a girl wearing a pair of cow print women's pajama while sitting on a furry furniture
  • a girl wearing a pair of cow print women's pajamas holding a glass container while sitting on a couch
  • a girl wearing a pair of women's pajamas while sitting beside a table and holding a plant vase
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Cow Print Women's Pajamas Set

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$39.99 USD

The Psychology Behind the Cow Print Design

Try to observe a cow grazing in the middle of the field. A big and majestic beast with thin legs tucked elegantly under its gargantuan frame, looking so profoundly chill and just chewing if it wants to the whole day. Unbothered by the surrounding chaotic world and doesn't complain by the fact that they lived in a patch of dirt in the suburb's pasture land." Don't You Want to be a Cow?" Relaxed and contented? These cow attributes also made their way to mainstream fashion. The Black & White or Brown & White cow prints are predominant in most design aspects of wearables nowadays. It seems that everyone wants to have a piece of being a cow.

Experience Design-induced Tranquility in our Women's Sleepwear

Often pictured as a tranquil beast, we have adapted the Black & White cowhide patch pattern in our Cow Print Women's Pajamas Set to give that feeling of calm and restful sleep. We, humans, spend a third of our life sleeping, so when it comes down to the fabric materials for our women's sleepwear, we make sure that the whole garment feels will entice your body to enter REM and eventually get lost into a good night's sleep.

A Stylish & Comfortable Women's Pajamas Set for  Daily Uses

Fabricated using only the finest textiles to give you a soft and silky with a breezy fit, this set of Cow Print Women's Sleepwear is undoubtedly one of the best women's pajamas in the market today. The buttoned long sleeves upper garment and gartered pants make up for easy wearing. Its texture and thickness category falls somewhere between a warm flannel winter sleepwear and lightweight cotton of breathable pajamas for warmer temperatures, making this cute pair of Cow Print Women's Pajamas a must-have all throughout the year in your wardrobe closet.


Some Notes & Details:

  • 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • White Button closure
  • No stretch Soft Fabric
  • Long sleeve, Black & White cow print, notched collar, pocket front, elastic waist, 2-piece, top, and pants
  • Suitable for sleepwear, nightwear, loungewear around the house
  • Hand wash, machine wash with mild detergent, do not bleach
  • Please refer to our size measurement before ordering

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