Cows Are Awesome Phone Wallet Case

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Cows are awesome and so are you. You don’t have to speak the same phrase if the work can be done by your Cows Are Awesome Phone Wallet Case that speaks, “Cows are awesome, So am I”. Carry your smartphone, shopping cards and banknotes in this awesome wallet that has been designed using eco-friendly leather-like material.

We realize the importance of a phone and also the data stored within. Hence, we have designed this Cows Are Awesome Phone Wallet Case that provides external protection to the phone and also ensures protection against RFID threats at the same time.

A brass press-button attached with a durable strap ensures complete protection to the encased essentials. We care for the camera of your phone too and it is why this Cows Are Awesome Phone Wallet Case also has a slide-up mechanism. It features the most contrasting black and white combination in a cow pattern with an awesome Holstein-Friesian cow defining confidence. Gesticulate your awe factor by carrying your smartphone if you have any from the supporting 60 models in our “Cows Are Awesome Phone Wallet Case”.

Production Time: 1-3 Business Days
Delivery Time USA: 8-20 Business Days
Delivery Time International: 10-30 Business Days

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Total price: $27.29