DIY Craft Wooden 3D Puzzle Bullhead

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Complete The Puzzle, Earn A Reward

Experience the same magnificence of interior decorating without shedding a fortune and in an eco-friendly approach. Indulge your creativity with this unique DIY Craft that is meant to journey in your home's design space. Proudly strutting its long and pointed horns, this abstract 3D Puzzle decorative craft will sure to strike a pose on your wall and catch somebody's attention. Resembling the head of a bull, you can introduce a bit of Western flair with a modern crafty twist to your home decor by interlinking the different puzzle pieces to create a three-dimensional representation of a bullhead. Our DIY Craft Wooden 3D Puzzle Bullhead wall decor is intended to coordinate with most interior motifs especially if you're into the Nordic style of design and will help you convert your house's ordinary room into an extraordinary space.

An Eco-friendly DIY Craft Home Decor

Each piece of the puzzle is constructed using laser cutouts from a Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). You will never go wrong if you want to go green with this product because MDF is manufactured from a combination of real wood and recyclable products. Also, with MDF's strength and stability, this Wooden 3D Puzzle is guaranteed to not easily deteriorate and lose its form through time. Eight exciting trendy colors are available to choose from, making sure that your interior's theme will have a perfect match. Once you complete this DIY Craft puzzle, earn the satisfying reward feeling as you hang your masterpiece in its rightful place. Better yet, be still inspired by the magnanimity of this powerful creature.

With your decorating prowess and good taste for design, finding a perfect spot and the matching color for your theme is easy. But, to make it a little easier for you...

Take Inspiration from Some of these Examples

Picture of  a White Wooden 3D Puzzle Bullhead hanged on a living room's wall
Picture of a Black Wooden 3D Puzzle Bullhead
Picture of  a Red Wooden 3D Puzzle Bullhead placed on top of a hanging display shelf
Picture of natural wood color  Wooden 3D Puzzle Bullhead hanged in a veranda room
Picture of  a Yellow Wooden 3D Puzzle Bullhead hanged in a receiving room
Picture of  Wooden 3D Puzzle Bullhead hanged in a home library



  • Material: 5MM MDF(Medium Density Fibre) melamine cover 
  • Size: 367*483*304mm 
  • Thickness:5mm
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Suit for home decor, clubs, theme restaurants, shops, etc. Make your room warm and fun.  


DIY Craft  Wooden 3D Puzzle Bullhead sketch with dimensions

Wall Mounting Instructions

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