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Personalized Paint Horse Hard Shell Phone Case

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A Hard Shell Phone Case That Celebrates Your Appreciation for Paint Horses, Wrap Them On Your Phone!

More than a passion, breeding and riding paint horses is also a lifestyle. Their strength, easygoing temperament, and charm make admiring these beasts simply unavoidable. Paint horses are a timeless obsession, owning one as a pet creates a bond that’s lasting and unshakable. There’s no better way to express your passion for everything related to Paint horses than sporting stunning horses on your person at all times or incorporating their natural beauty into your personal stuff. Capturing the beauty and majesty of Paint horses is not easy, but we at Cowloco made that possible through a Personalized Paint Horse Hard Shell Phone Case. This accessory combines premium phone protection with a stunning Paint horse-inspired graphic design. Displaying a combination of the galloping image of a Paint Horse and its unique coat pattern of Brown and White, this smartphone accessory is undoubtedly a symbol of one’s passion for horses…Paint horses in particular. Cowloco’s team of graphic designers even goes beyond this expression of love by including an option to personalize this hard shell phone case by printing your name on it.

Features a soft and flexible impact-absorbing TPU core lining that snugly nests inside a hard, glossy, and smooth texture outer PC shell, this hard shell phone case offers a dual-layer of protection. The Inner TPU case tightly grips to your phone while absorbing shocks and bumps while the outer hard PC cover protects your phone from scratches, dirt, damage, and drops. The slim profile keeps your phone look sleek while guarding against scuffs and scratches. Its raised-edge design takes care of your phone screen when laid down facing downward.  Perfect cutouts for camera, integrated easy-press button, and other ports facilitates ease of access for great feel and function. Just snap your phone onto the case and you’re good to go. 

This Paint Horse-inspired Hard Shell Phone Case is a Great Gift for Horse Lovers

What could be more exciting for a horse lover than receiving a gift that cherishes that bond? Gift-giving occasions have never been a daunting task for anyone who knows or a friend of a horse lover. Their world revolves around this majestic four-legged beast. The perfect way to show some love is a gift of anything with a horse, about a horse, or shaped like a horse. If you’re looking to buy the perfect personalized gift for horse lovers, then search no further! Cowloco designed this Paint Horse-inspired Hard Shell Phone Case to help foster that special bond between horses and their owners in the same way they would want to protect their treasured smartphones. Spoil those equine-enthusiasts you know with a phone accessory that’s chic and functional. This Personalized Paint Horse Hard Shell Phone Case is sure to bring a smile to every horse lover’s face. Whether they are just a fan, rider, or equestrian, this horse phone case is sure to surprise and delight. Protecting their everyday treasured tech gadget goes equally important as with their passion for horses. That’s why when it comes to gifts for horse lovers, you’ll never go wrong with this hard shell phone case, it is something that speaks of their passion while giving their smartphone a stylish personalized cover. This phone accessory lets them enjoy both anywhere they go. 


  • Slim Profile
  • Shock-absorbing inner Thermo Polyurethane Rubber 
  • Impact-resistant White Polycarbonate Outer Shell
  • Perfect Cutouts on the outer layer allow easy access to all ports and controls and ensures unobstructed camera lens
  • Integrated easy-press buttons on the inner layer
  • High-definition prints on PC shell
  • Raised edge added for screen protection

Shipping and Delivery:

  • Printed In & Shipped from the USA.
  • Production Time: 2-4 Business Days
  • Delivery Time USA: 4-6 Business Days
  • Delivery Time International: 5-8 Business Days

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