Trump Highland Cow Fake Mooos Tough Phone Case

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With a luxurious smartphone belonging to the genres of iPhone and Samsung, protection is the priority. We realize the smart cover needs for a smartphone and hence, we come up with a uniquely printed Trump Highland Cow Fake Mooos Tough Phone Case.

This precise fit super slim Fake Mooos Tough Phone Case is made up of a tough yet lightweight polycarbonate sheet that imparts the much-needed durability. The awesome case has an inner rubber liner to enhance the cushioning effect to your phone. So, with additional qualities of polycarbonate, the cushion gets synergized.

The case is sealed with a uniform gloss finish making the case resistant to scratches and also from getting faded. Fit your phone in this hard and strong shell exterior without adding on weight. As important is the protection of cows from fake moos, similarly, you need to protect your smartphone from wear and tear. And our premium Trump Highland Cow Fake Mooos Tough Phone Case features what it stands for, “Protection” to over 25 models.

    Printed in & shipped from the USA.

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